You Always know what's wrapped inside!

The ecogene beeswax wrap collection consists of over 20 beautiful designs, each representing a specific food item. Based on our own survey results we carefully selected foods that are most often stored in the fridge in plastic bags and wrap or containers.
Simply go to your refrigerator and see the foods that are being stored in plastic bags and wrap or containers. 
Your fridge will be different to mine and that’s why you can purchase individual beeswax wraps.

Feeling a little overwhelmed by the choices?

Perhaps try purchasing a pack of ecogene beeswax wraps for your first experience.  Depending on your lifestyle and eating habits you can always purchase single wraps individually later on if you wish.

Our selection does not include an image of a particular food item?

Don’t worry! Each pack includes a Multi-Use Wrap which can be used for anything you want (excludes Bowls and Plates Pack).  

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