Love, Care and Lifespan

A little love will go a long way towards the life of your ecogene beeswax wraps. 


      1. Wash ecogene beeswax wraps in cool water(Use a mild dishwashing liquid if needed.)
      2. Air-dry
      3. Store in a cool, dry location.  



    Washing Australian made ecogene beeswax wraps



    Not suitable for
    • dishwasher
    • microwave
    • griller
    • oven
      • long exposure to sunlight
      • all heat sources such as open flames, hot pots and pans, hot food, drink and hot water
      • contact with acids, vinegar, grease or strong cleaning solutions such as bleach
      • wrapping strong coloured food as it may leave a stain
      • contact with raw fish, meat or poultry


        Because ecogene beeswax wraps are made entirely from natural materials the feel and usability may differ according to climate and temperature. A small amount of the wax coating may remain on the outer side of cups and bowls, especially at the beginning of their life, however this will cease as you continue to use them.  Rinse any unwanted wax from containers with warm water.

        With proper care ecogene beeswax wraps can be used for up to 6-12 months.  Because they are made with natural ingredients, you can compost them at the end of their life knowing they are 100% biodegradable. Fraying may occur during use.


        As your wraps get more used and wrinkled, know that you are helping to create a happier planet for us all.


        Washing Australian made ecogene beeswax wrap Multi-use Wrap