Why ecogene beeswax wraps?

Among all the beeswax wraps, why our wraps?

Knowing that beeswax wraps are environmentally friendly, I purchased several brands of beautifully printed beeswax wraps to introduce to my kitchen.  Then I spent the next several months developing my own wax recipe and gave my wraps to friends and family.  I felt such a strong sense of satisfaction every time I wrapped them around cut fruit and vegetables or using them as a lid for left-overs.  Before I knew it, plastic cling wrap was long gone from my kitchen.

One night I was making a salad for dinner.  I opened the refrigerator to get the remaining half a tomato I’d cut and wrapped the previous night only to find it was half an apple.  I rewrapped the apple and took another wrapped piece of food which turned out to be half a potato. What a mess!


Where is my tomato?? I asked myself.


ecogene's unique labelling system shows what's wrapped in the bee wrap



Because the beeswax wraps are made using a fabric, the contents cannot be seen.  My concern here was that sustainable alternatives should make life not just feel better, but be easy to use.  

This experience led me to create the concept of ecogene beeswax wraps; simple, elegant and functional.  Each wrap has a picture of the food to be wrapped printed right onto the fabric.  

With ecogene wraps,
you always know what's wrapped inside!

You can be assured the beautiful and simple designs you find on ecogene wraps drawn by designers living in Australia will bring smiles to you and your kitchen.


Happy you, happy planet ♬

Australian made ecogene beeswax wraps used in fridge